Travel is all about experiencing new cultures and we’re here to help make your journeys that much easier.

The fact that we can jump on a bus, train or plane and be in a completely foreign land in a matter of hours is amazing.

We truly believe travelling is one of those life-changing experiences that helps you better understand the world and your own culture.

There’s one trait that’s universally awkward across almost all cultures – dealing with money.

How Much To Tip? exists to help you learn local customs when it comes to tipping etiquette so you can settle in with the locals and have one less thing to worry about!

Who’s behind the site?

My name’s Shree and I’m from the UK. I’ve spent most of my 20s travelling around Europe and when I’ve been fortunate enough to, further afield to.

I often found myself asking “how much do I tip?” (silently in my head of course) so I thought I’d put together a resource for people in the same scenario.

Hope you find it useful!


If you have any suggestions or spot something out-of-date or incorrect, please send an email using the form below so it can be updated!