Tipping in Ireland: Easy, ironclad tipping guide

Charming, enchanting, and welcoming, Ireland is a place that has something for everyone.

Visitors from around the world come here to enjoy the sights, entertainment, and attractions.

From exploring the fascinating capital of Dublin to the charming city of Limerick, you will find plenty to explore.

Before you visit the Republic of Ireland, it is advisable to learn more about customs and traditions in the area. This includes finding out about tipping etiquette.

In this guide, we offer some tips and advice to help you when it comes to tipping in Ireland.

Do You Tip in Ireland?

Remember, tipping in Ireland is slightly different from that in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

In the Republic of Ireland, tipping is not mandatory or automatically expected. Sometimes, your tips will be gratefully received but at other times they may be politely refused.

This is because the Irish take pride in working hard and providing good service without reward other than their salaries.

However, it also depends on your location. For instance, you are more likely to find tipping acceptable in large, thriving cities such as Dublin rather than small towns and villages.

Tipping Customs to Keep in Mind

Tips are often accepted but are not expected in the Republic of Ireland.

One thing to remember is that tips are not mandatory in Ireland, so don’t feel compelled to tip. However, if you feel a tip is deserved, you should aim for 10-15% depending on the type and level of service.

Some tipping customs to keep in mind are: 

  • Tipping is not mandatory in Ireland, so the choice is entirely yours
  • Etiquette differs slightly between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Your tip may be politely refused in some cases, so do not take offense
  • You should base any tips on 10-15% of the bill

Tipping in Ireland: Useful Phrases to Know

In some parts of Ireland, you may find it useful to know some Irish Gaelic phrases.

Irish Gaelic is an ancient language, and it is still spoken in some areas of Ireland.

Of course, you will get by perfectly fine with just English, but it is well worth learning some key phrases such as: 

  • Hello: Dia dhuit
  • What is your name? Cad is ainm duit?
  • I don’t speak Irish: Nil Gaeilge agam
  • The menu, please: An biachlár, le do thoil

Tipping Restaurants in Ireland

Always check if a service charge has been added to your bill in restaurants.

When you visit the Republic of Ireland, you will find some incredible restaurants in every area. From places for a quick bite to upmarket restaurants, there are options to suit all tastes.

If you are visiting a restaurant for a meal, there are some key points to remember when it comes to tipping in Ireland: 

  • Always check if a service charge has already been added to the bill
  • If there is no service charge, aim to tip 10-15% of the bill
  • Some people may not accept a tip, although many will
  • You can tip more if you feel the service was exceptional
  • If service was bad, you can dispute any service charge already added to the bill

Tipping Tour Guides in Ireland

Tipping in Ireland

Tipping depends on whether your tour is a general group tour or a private one.

The Republic of Ireland is packed with incredible places and sights to explore. One of the best ways of making the most of your exploration is by booking one of the many tours available.

Tipping in Ireland is more common on tours than in many other places. When it comes to giving your tour guide a tip, here are some key things to keep in mind: 

  • For private tours, you should tip around 10% of the total cost of the tour
  • On general tours, there is generally a whip-round so you can contribute a couple of Euros
  • Some guides may not accept a tip, but most these days will because it is more commonplace 

Tipping in Hotels or Guesthouses in Ireland

Tips are not mandatory, but you can give small tips for certain services.

When you pay for your accommodation in Ireland, all costs are included in the final price. However, there are some services where giving a small tip is appropriate.

Here are some hints when it comes to tipping etiquette in hotels: 

  • You don’t have to tip the doorman at your hotel, but if they provide exceptional service you can give a couple of Euros
  • If you have a porter who takes your bags up to the room, consider tipping one or two Euros per bag
  • For housekeeping, you can tip a couple of Euros per day if you are impressed with the service
  • You can also tip the concierge one or two Euros if they are very helpful 

Tipping Taxis, Shuttles and Coaches in Ireland

Drivers do not expect to be tipped but most will accept a small tip.

There are various modes of transport you may use while in Ireland such as taxis and shuttles to and from the airport.

If you are considering tipping, keep the following in mind: 

  • Taxi drivers will issue a receipt without any service charge. If you want to tip, you can give them a couple of Euros, round up the fare, or tell them to keep the change
  • Shuttle drivers do not expect tips, but if they assist you with luggage, you may want to tip one or two Euros 

Tipping in Bars and Pubs in Ireland

There is a very casual approach to tipping in bars and pubs.

When you visit Ireland, you will find everything from fascinating historic pubs to lively bars and clubs. You are not expected to leave a tip at these venues. However, it is worth noting the following: 

  • If there is a tips jar at the bar or counter, you can put in a few coins
  • You can offer to buy the bartender a drink by way of a tip
  • You can tell the bartender to keep the change as a tip

Tipping Barbers, Spas and Hair Salons in Ireland

Tipping is a more common practice in spas and hair salons in Ireland.

Some people are keen to enjoy a little pampering while visiting Ireland. If you are looking for grooming and relaxation options, there are lots of salons and spas you can visit.

It is, of course, wise to familiarize yourself with tipping etiquette in these venues, as tipping is more common in these venues. So, some points to remember are: 

  • Always check to see if any service charge has been added to your bill
  • You should tip your stylist at the hair salon 10% of the cost
  • You can also pay one or two Euros to the hair washer at the salon
  • For spa treatments, you should tip 10% of the cost of treatment